C H A N E L L E  E I D E N B E N Z

Elephant in the Room ​
fiction, 19'30 (CH) (2018) / ZHdK in cooperation with Aalto University of the Arts

Without understanding why, Irna senses that the relationship with her son Jago is getting more and more hopeless. She seeks refuge in her own world, whose center is Elias, a rubber doll. While Irna holds on to her own reality with all her might, Jago is desperately trying to make his mother understand.

The American metaphor „Elephant in the Room“ describes a problem that is deliberately ignored, even though its presence is obvious to everyone. The film shows two characters unable to move forward unless they accept their circumstances.
In a broader context „Elephant in the Room“ deals with the question of whether society’s acceptance of a sickness has an influence on it’s symptoms.

​A film investigating the borders of social taboos about denial, its consequences and the difficulties of accepting.

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