C H A N E L L E   E I D E N B E N Z


Elephant in the Room ​
fiction, 19'30 (CH) (2018) / ZHdK - in exploitation

Without understanding why, Irna senses that the relationship with her son Jago is getting more and more hopeless. She seeks refuge in her own world, whose center is Elias, a rubber doll. While Irna holds on to her own reality with all her might, Jago is desperately trying to make his mother understand.
A film investigating the borders of social taboos about denial, its consequences and the difficulties of accepting.

​ZHdK in cooperation with Aalto University, Helsinki

Script and Directing: Chanelle Eidenbenz
Cinematography: Pascal Reinmann
Montage: Florian Geisseler
Music: Tarek Schmidt
Sounddesign: Lotta Mäki

Cast: Doris Schefer, Johannes Hegemann, Sebastian Krähenbühl​​

Hold On 
​fiction 9'30 (EN, KOR) (2019) - release winter 2019

​With h
is backpack stolen David wanders around the city of Seoul. His struggle to get by soon turns into the emotional journey he was trying to escape from.

The shortfilm reflects on the perception of time and space - in the physical and mental sense - when faced with loss and grief.

Script and Directing: Chanelle Eidenbenz
Cinematography: Wesley Chang​​
Montage: Gina Calamassi

Music: Nik Eidenbenz
​Sounddesign: Patrycja Pakiela

​Cast: Alameen Saidu, Kyusang Kim, Haegang Yi